Fenway Leisure Center

At the urban scale, the building works in parallel with the experiential logic of Fenway Park.  

During a baseball game, the area surrounding the ballpark is transformed by the secondary experience of the game. Light and sound are emitted from the ballpark, charging the surrounding areas. The Leisure Center follows suit in multiple ways.  

From the exterior, pedestrians experience the building as a performative object. The up-lighting from the bowling alley is reflected by the underbelly of the floating movie theaters and it’s projected onto the translucent surface of the north facade. This transforms the silhouettes of the moviegoers into actors on a public stage.  

The exterior experience of the building is made even more profound by the explosion of incidental light from a large-format, upper level theater. This takes on the character of a drive-in movie theater by using the rear of the Fenway scoreboard as an external projection screen. Just as passers-by can experience Fenway Park in a once-removed manner, they can similarly experience the program of the entertainment complex through clouded, cropped and incomplete views of the ongoing films.

On the interior, circulation is organized such that user groups in route to each of the building's three primary functions are offered a secondary experience of the other two.