Wellesley Student Center

Capitalizing on the site's dramatic grade differential between the campus' academic quad and the lake, the building is thrust forward into the site. This gesture places the new student center in a flirtatious dialogue with the two dominant natural zones - a heavily-wooded grove to the east and a vast open valley to the west.  

All programmed space is pulled back against the hill for efficient access from the quad. The unprogrammed pavilion that emerges beyond the hill seeks to establish a visual porosity along the natural threshold while instating a formal presence along its edge.

The formal strategy for the building endeavor to mediate that boundary. Students are offered the necessary amenities via the proximity of the primary program to the academic buildings.  More importantly, however, they are given a destination; a place that is markedly different than that of their daily academic world. Away from the watchful eye of the faculty, students are given the opportunity to decompress in a space that hovers among the treetops. This respectfully captures all natural amenities on-site and offers them up as a physical and visual experience for the students.