Paul Tebben Returns to SAIC

Paul Tebben signed on to teach a Fall 2015 graduate design studio at SAIC. The course, Choreographed/Ambient Systems, will ask students to  develop an understanding of the selection and location of building systems and their integration into design considerations.  The course will focus on systemic aspects, such as heating & cooling, plumbing, electrical, lighting, vertical transportation, fire protection, and security and how those systems are coordinated (and choreographed) with other design elements & systems such as structure, materiality, sustainability, and egress.

Good building design can be described as the combination of a strong organizing aesthetic merged with an associated and elegant choreography of all these systems into one clear design idea – this class hopes to emphasize the relationship between ideas and systems to help clarify design thinking to make not only beautiful / intriguing building forms, but also structures that answer to the issues and opportunities of human comfort, needs and behavior patterns.

Paul is excited to be reunited with his former teaching partner Mike Newman of SHED Studio, with whom he taught this graduate course from 2009 - 2012