Each project is an opportunity to embrace the culture of today, and create a better future for the stories of tomorrow.


SIJI Center


 Siji Center


This comprehensive planning proposal, titled "SIJI Center" focused on the strategic development of a large parcel of land along the outer belt of Beijing to create a state of the art, sustainable financial campus. This multi-use site was designed to house the Chinese headquarters of many of the worlds' largest financial institutions.


Center for Dermatology & Aesthetic Medicine (CDAM)


Our success stems from striving to achieve an acute understanding of our clients’ goals and aspirations, which play a fundamental role in our design process. 


Center for Dermatology & Aesthetic Medicine

This project was a simple exercise in juxtaposition and restraint. A central, rotated cube was staged in the center of the space – a figure of faceted walnut in a field of white. Housing reception and all key operational functions of the office, the cube acts as a visual key in the space and an object of orientation. Patients and staff navigate around it as they enter, receive treatment and exit the space.






The MC01 project is the first of three renovations we have completed in the iconic Marina City complex (1959–1967) in Chicago designed by Bertrand Goldberg.



We believe in forward-thinking design that nurtures and actively promotes a modern lifestyle; that simplicity, efficiency, flexibility and intelligence should be the benchmarks of the creative process. 






MC02 & MC03

The MC02/MC03 project is our second renovation in the iconic Marina City complex in Chicago designed by Bertrand Goldberg.

Throughout the years, many residential units in the complex have suffered from renovations that compromise the original spaces and intent of the architect. For this project, the goal was to develop a design template that can be referenced to return units to their original spatial and material condition while updating all its systems to current comfort standards. The design establishes a path to bring back the original spatial qualities of the residential units while updating it to modern standards.





wcsc ellipsisarchitecture.jpg

Windy City Strength and Conditioning

Architecture serves people.  The environment you create can have a meaningful impact on the ways in which people interact, work and live.  In the case of our Windy City Strength and Conditioning project, our job was not to create an environment or instigate a culture but instead protect it as we elevated the space to the best version of itself.  WCSC, the first and most successful Crossfit gym in the City of Chicago has achieved its impressive growth through a very simple and powerful concept - build it and they will come.  In their case, what they set out to build was not something physical.  It was a delicate balance of deliberate intangibles that has created a tight-knit culture.  They shared their dreams, their vision and their belief to #liveBIG with Chicago and a loyal group of members followed...by the hundreds. 






Project Archive


Project List



Side By Side Pet, Chicago, IL
Vellios Accounting, Chicago, IL
Thunderbolt, Chicago, IL
The Gunderson Law Firm, Chicago, IL
Arro Corporation, Hodgkins, IL
837 N. Milwaukee, Chicago, IL
750 N. Franklin, Chicago, IL
1644 E. 53rd St. Offices, Chicago, IL
SIJI Center, Beijing China
Regents Park Leasing Office, Chicago, IL
Shoreland Leasing Office, Chicago. IL
Shure, Niles, IL
Elite Motors, Palatine, IL
Carmedix, Palatine, IL
Walgreens, Washington D.C.
Walgreens, Deerfield, IL
Flash Taxi, Chicago, IL
303 Taxi, Chicago, IL
Sylvan Offices, Chicago, IL
Heartland Offices, Chicago, IL
Crush, Chicago, IL
University of Chicago Offices, Chicago, IL
Silliman Group Offices, Chicago, IL
Roundkeep Offices, Chicago, IL
East Park Tower Tenant Spaces, Chicago, IL
Del Prado Tenant Spaces, Chicago, IL
1368 E 53rd St, Chicago, IL


Luther Memorial Church, Chicago, IL
Toledo Chabad Center, Toledo, OH
ROHR Chabad House, Chicago, IL
Chabad F.R.E.E. Center, Desplaines, IL


LaGrow Organic Brewing Tap Room, Chicago, IL
El Tipico, Chicago, IL
Birch Road Cellar, Chicago, IL
The Lone Girl Brewing Company, Waunakee, WI
Big Joe’s Tavern, Chicago, IL
(R) House, Chicago, IL
Black Rock, Chicago, IL
Hendrickx Belgian Bread Crafters, Chicago, IL
The Sip and Savor, Chicago, IL
Matilda, Chicago, IL
Engrained Brewpub, Chicago, IL


Fit Intention, Chicago, IL
The Space, Chicago, IL
Windy City Strength and Conditioning, Chicago, IL
Regents Park Fitness Center, Chicago, IL
East Park Tower Fitness Center, Chicago, IL
I-Battle Gym, Chicago, IL


Center for Dermatology & Aesthetic Medicine, Chicago, IL
Roots Family Chiropractic, Chicago, IL
University Dental, Chicago, IL
University Dental, Chicago, IL


K2, Chicago, IL
600 N. Fairbanks, Chicago, IL


Kinexx Modular 2-Flat, Chicago, IL
The Algonquin, Chicago, IL
6816 S. Ogelsby, Chicago, IL
K2, Chicago, IL
Phi Delta Theta House, Chicago, IL
Northwest Commons, Park Ridge, IL
5524-26 S. Everett, Chicago, IL
The Montclair, St. Louis, MO
Phi Gamma Delta House, Chicago, IL
Del Prado Penthouses, Chicago, IL
3107-3111 N. Sheffield Avenue, Chicago, IL
5300 S. Drexel Avenue, Chicago, IL
Regents Park, Chicago, IL
5100 S. Ellis Avenue, Chicago, IL
The Sutherland, Chicago, IL
5416-30 S Woodlawn Avenue, Chicago, IL
5229 S. Drexel Avenue, Chicago, IL
1358 E. 58th Street, Chicago, IL
4859 Champlain Avenue, Chicago, IL
5512 S. Hyde Park Blvd, Chicago, IL
5229 S. Drexel Avenue, Chicago, IL
East Park Tower Amenity Revisions, Chicago, IL
5053 S. Ellis Avenue, Chicago, IL
5320 S. Drexel Avenue, Chicago, IL
5400 S. Ingleside Avenue, Chicago, IL
5401 S. Drexel Avenue, Chicago, IL
Locomobile Lofts, Chicago, IL
East Park Tower, Chicago, IL
Windermere House Lobby, Chicago, IL
Ellis Court Tenant Spaces, Chicago, IL
1601-1623 E 55th St, Chicago, IL  


Kinexx Starter Home, Chicago, IL
Osiecki Residence, Norridge, IL
Peyton ADU, Portland, OR
Kinexx Bungalow, Chicago, IL
3121 Hartzell, Evanston, IL
2513 N. Burling, Chicago, IL
Jeong-Adler Residence, Wilmette, IL
Snow Shed, Lake Tahoe, CA
Marina City-Units 4510/4511, Chicago, IL
Flood Residence, Chicago, IL
2254 W. Leland, Chicago, IL
3814 N. Hoyne, Chicago, IL
3529 N. Whipple, Chicago, IL
Finn Residence, Chicago, IL
McKinley Residence, Chicago, IL
Han Residence, Chicago, IL
Bosch Residence, Chicago, IL
Lindeke Residence, Chicao, IL
Weidaw Residence, Evanston, IL
Marina City-Unit 5208, Chicago, IL
Filson/Betterton Residence, Chicago, IL
Fischer Residence, Brookfield, IL
Cynamon/Marmion Residence, Chicago, IL
220 E. Walton Place #9E, Chicago, IL
220 E. Walton Place #5E, Chicago, IL
Hejny-Geppert Residence, Chicago, IL
1435 W. Cuyler, Chicago IL
1130 Whitfield Road, Northbrook, IL
920 8th Avenue, La Grange, IL
5841 N. Napoleon Avenue, Chicago, IL
Huff Residence, Chicago, IL
Stein Residence, Chicago, IL
Chevchek Residence, Chicago, IL
Valente Residence, Glencoe, IL
Scholl Residence, Glenwood, IL
Rumpel Residence, Niles, IL
Gwinn Residence, Chicago, IL
Gottlieb Residence, Chicago, IL
Coupet/Clark Residence, Chicago, IL   
Newport Loft, Las Vegas, NV
Martins Basement, Geneva, IL
4906 Hancock, Chicago, IL
R-3 House, Chicago, IL